Holistic Health Coaching Services

As a certified nutrition therapist master, I coach people to improve their gut health, so that they can improve their physical, mental, and emotional health, and prevent or improve chronic conditions – from acne or eczema; to depression, brain fog, chronic fatigue syndrome or anxiety; to obesity, autoimmunity, and more.

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What's included in one-on-one gut health coaching?

Once you sign up for this 90-minute educational & personalized session, you'll receive a questionnaire and 3-day food diary template to fill out ahead of our scheduled coaching date. The session will include:

  • Gut Health 101
    I believe knowledge is power, so to kick things off, I'll introduce you to the diverse microbial species living in your gut; provide an overview of the gut's biology and physiology (aka, what it looks like and how it does what it does); and explain how the gut and its range of functions help or hinder physical, emotional, and behavioral health.
  • Food Diary Review
    I will highlight the top 5-10 items you're consuming that are damaging your gut lining and contributing to chronic disease. I'll provide you with cleaner product swaps, recommendations for gut-healing foods, 80+ gut-friendly recipes and a #CleanBodyApproved shopping list. We'll also discuss your lifestyle habits – stress, sleep, movement – and realistic changes that may be available to you.
  • Ongoing Support
    You'll be added to my private messaging app where you can ask me questions regarding food and nutrition labels, and gut healing practices. You'll also be added to a private group dedicated to receive daily mindfulness prompts, relevant nutrition tips, and get real-time support from others who are on similar journeys.

How does online grocery shopping assistance work?

Once you purchase the service, you'll be taken to a questionnaire that will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. In this, you'll share your budget, food intolerances or needs, favorite and least favorite foods, regular grocery purchases, flavor preferences, and biggest concerns. I'll use these answers to build your custom online shopping cart (specific to your stores available in your hometown). This will then be shared with you so you can make changes, add items, and choose pick-up or reoccurring delivery.

  • Discover cleaner options for you and your family
    Whether you all follow the same diet or different ones, I'll provide clean food, beverage, and lifestyle products that also taste good.
  • Cross grocery shopping off your to-do list
    You can save this cart and reorder for pick-up or delivery as often as you want!
  • Need revisions or additions? No problem.
    You'll have one week to send questions or request item recommendations for your diet or lifestyle needs.

Masterclass: Reading & Understanding Nutrition Labels

Coming soon!

Food and nutrition labels are confusing, and big food companies are getting even better at making something look "healthy," when the ingredients really aren't good for you. In this MasterClass, I'll teach you how not only read labels, but how to see through BS so can shop and eat confidently.