August 4, 2021

The History & Health Benefits of Raw Cheese Vs. Pasteurized Cheese

Today on The Clean Body Podcast, host Lauren Kelly talks to the Founder and CEO of Raw Farm, a dairy producer that crafts and sells organic cheese, kefir, butter, and milk from grass-fed cows that is wholly unprocessed and is considered "living" with all of it's beneficial bacteria intact.


During the episode,  you'll learn about:  

  • The scientific data that contributes to the historical timeline behind animal milk consumption
  • The events that led to the demonization of raw cow's milk
  • Pasteurization and what it entails
  • The health and nutrient differences between raw and pasteurized milk
  • The role of milk in building and maintaining gut health
  • The role of milk in modulating the immune system
  • Lactose-intolerance and what's really causing it
  • The difference between goat milk and cow's milk
  • The health benefits of kefir and grass-fed butter
  • The enzyme and nutrient profile of raw cheese
  • Benefits of raw kefir for pets
  • Finding raw milk brands who only follow the highest safety standards 

About Mark McAfee, Founder & CEO of Raw Farm USA:

Founder and chairman of the Raw Milk Institute ( nonprofit 501c3 ), Mark is an internationally recognized speaker and expert with an emphasis on Raw Milk production standards, gut biome, milk genomics, nutritional benefits, food safety and the medical benefits of raw unprocessed milk and products. 

Mark is deeply involved with raw milk food safety research and is associated with the International Milk Genomics Consortium at UC Davis.

For more on Mark & Raw Farm USA: 

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