Updated August 25, 2021

Discount Codes For #CleanBodyApproved Products

My goal as a nutrition therapy practitioner is to make clean eating & living more accessible for everyone. On top of that, I value credibility above all else, so I never accept kickbacks of any kind from brands. That way you know when I endorse a brand, it’s because I truly trust and stand by it. These discounts are purely for you, your friends and your families because well-being shouldn’t be only for the rich.

Use the links below to order the products straight from each brad's website or you can find them in my Amazon Storefront. There’s lots more to come, so check back often!


Bits® are made purely of algae, a sustainable whole food crop endorsed by NASA and United Nations as the most nutritionally dense food in the world. Scientific studies have shown that algae’s nutrients improve immune health, gut health, energy, longevity, nutrition and beauty. Algae also replaces your need for veggies. Purchase here.


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Layer Origin HMO Supplements

Feed your gut PureHMO – a prebiotic bioidentical to the Human Milk Oligosaccharide found in mother's milk – to arm yourself with a stronger immunity, a healthier microbiome, and the power to maintain a health weight. Purchase here.

CODE: CLEANBODY25 for 25% off

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human improvement Protein Powder

Protein powder that actually makes you feel better ... A deliciously balanced flavor with smooth vanilla, creamy coconut milk, and a sprinkle of pink Himalayan. One of the most sustainable protein powders on the market, human improvement helps you build lean muscle, supports gut health, is easy to digest, reduces cravings, boosts mood and energy, and improves recovery. Purchase here.

CODE: CLEANBODY for 55% off box of 20

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Revive Superfoods Smoothies, Soups & Oats

Revive Superfoods was created out of the desire to break the traditional view that eating healthy is time-consuming, expensive, and doesn’t taste good. We challenge that notion by providing healthy, delicious, and affordable options that are delivered to your door and are ready in minutes. Purchase here.

CODE: rsf55holisticlaurenkelly for 55% off

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Om Mushroom Powders, Capsules & Blends

These powerful single species and mushroom superfood blends are designed to promote immunity, vitality, cognitive health and energy. Purchase here.

CODE: CLEANBODY20 for 20% off

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B.T.R. Bar - Superfood Protein Bars

Meet the first Protein Bar with a Purpose™ designed to satisfy your every craving from AM to PM. Make mindless snacking a thing of the past. Purchase here.

CODE: CLEANBODY for 10% off & free shipping

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BTR bars

You Again Adaptogenic Cookie, Muffin, & Brownie Mixes

The first plant based & gluten free baking mixes that incorporate balancing adaptogens! Deliciously crafted for the the mind & gut. Shop now! Shop here.

CODE: CLEANBODY15 for 15% off

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Lovebird Grain-Free Cereal

One of the only gut friendly cereals that boosts immunity, and is grain and refined sugar-free. This is great for those with allergies and food intolerances! 20% of all proceeds also go towards fighting childhood cancer. Purchase here.

CODE: CLEANBODY for 10% off

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Jupiter Scalp Care

Dermatologist-tested, clean and elevated dandruff and hair care products so you don't have to give a flake. Purchase here.

CODE: CLEANBODY10 for 10% off

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