August 11, 2021

Autoimmune Protocol, the Truth About Cereal + More

Today on The Clean Body Podcast, host Lauren Kelly talks to the founder of Lovebird Parker Brook about overcoming autoimmunity with diet and lifestyle and making over the cereal industry for good.


During the episode, you'll learn:

  • How Parker overcame brain fog, fatigue, and joint pain
  • What the autoimmune protocol is
  • What cassava flour is
  • The different between cassava and tapioca flour
  • How Lovebird cereal supports gut health
  • The health benefits of honey
  • Watch-outs when buying pre-packaged food
  • The power of intention-setting
  • Why Parker chose to support the fight against childhood cancer
Lovebird cereal

About Parker Brooks:

Parker Brook left his big food job to clean up junk food and make a difference by creating the cleanest cereal ever made with real food from the earth and giving 20% of profit to fight childhood cancer.

About Lovebird Cereal:

Rise & Fly with Grain-Free, No Refined Sugar, Organic, Paleo, & AIP Compliant cereal. Lovebird's products are made with whole foods, clean ingredients, and no weird stuff. Sweetened by Nature. Types: Unsweetened, Honey, Cinnamon.

For more Lovebird Cereal:

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