Hey, I'm Lauren. This is my story.

One cancer diagnosis changed everything.

Growing up, I was always interested and invested in health. In my teen years, I danced ballet and competed in swimming events.  In my early adolescent years, I tried every fad diet, workout, and trendy gym membership you can think of. But my relationship with health and wellness was not in fact as healthy as it may sound.

When I was 14 years old, I told my dad that I wanted to cut the inner fat of my thighs off. 

When I was 16 years old – being influenced by behaviors around me – I secretly started popping Amphetamines-filled diet pills.

When I was 19 years old, my parents were going through a brutal divorce and the only thing I felt I could control was my body. I was border-line anorexic and unhealthily obsessed with working out. On top of that, I was a partying, binge-drinking machine.

Throughout the course of my life, I’ve struggled with irregular periods (estrogen dominance), persistent yeast infections (leaky gut and bacterial overgrowth), uncontrollable burping (yes, I thought it was a very strange thing), body dysmorphia, self-hate, and a whole host of other things.

It wasn’t until 29 years old that I believe my true health and wellness journey truly began. On a warm afternoon is Los Angeles, as I was sitting in traffic on La Brea Boulevard, I received a call from my dermatologist’s office. 

“You have melanoma. It’s severely close to entering your blood stream and spreading to your lymph nodes. You need an emergency surgery immediately.” 

You know what the next thing I did was? I laughed. I scheduled the surgery, hung up the phone and, as I replayed the words and they began to sink in, I started to freak out. 

What’s melanoma? What does that mean? Do I have cancer? Or is the surgery precautionary to avoid developing cancer? My mind went into a tailspin and I sought answers to my questions in the worst place anyone could ever go: Google. 

Lauren Kelly

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